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TRUFob™ is a revolutionary new product that helps you keep an eye on your valuables. Whether that means keeping track of your iPhone®, iPad® or even your loved ones, the unique TRUFob™ features are designed to make your life easier. This page will help you find the answers to the FAQs about the features and functionality of the TRUFob™. If the answer you are looking for is not here, please feel free to contact us for more support.

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What is TRUFob™?

TRUFob™ is an advanced wireless proximity alarm, which connects to your iPhone® or iPad® using a low power connection. TRUFob™ can also be used to keep track of other valuables like; keys, bags or even your children. Simply attach the device to the item of your choice and TRUFob™ is ready to go.

TRUFob™ is compatible with:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad mini
  • iPad (4th gen)
  • iPad (3rd gen)

TRUFob™ is currently not compatible with any other Smartphone devices.

Helpful demo videos to teach you about TRUFob

Demo 1: How to pair TRUFob with iPhone / iPad first time
Demo 2: How to recover from an unsuccessful pairing
Demo 3: How to un-pair TRUFob and then pair it to a new device
Demo 4: Demonstration of Alarm Mode
Demo 5: Demonstration of Motion Mode

How to carry my TRUFob?

TRUFob and iPhone / iPad connect via Bluetooth 4.0. The Bluetooth's signal strength between the two devices is influenced by its surroundings and different construction materials. E.g. walls, the human body and furniture etc. It is recommended that the user always carries TRUFob and iPhone/iPad in a way in which they are not blocked by the human body.

Warranty support

If you have a defective TRUFob that is still within the warranty period, here is what you need to do:

Download and fill in this form: Warranty Return Request Form
Send the form to:
Support number: +1 305 424 5022


How far is the Alarm distance?

It is about 25 meters to 30 meters.
Note that the actual distance depends on the surroundings. The human body, buildings, walls and other items all affect the Bluetooth range. Try not to have close body contact with your TRUFob.

I get false alarms. What can I do about it?

False alarms can be caused by several issues:

Check and ensure your TRUFob is successfully paired with iPhone / iPad. Besides the App shows connected, TRUFob should also be registered and connected in the iOS Settings Bluetooth menu. To recover from an unsuccessful pairing follow the instructions in this video: TRUFob HD Tutorial

If you get false alarms while being inside a Friendly Place, please try and increase the Friendly Place radius and see if that helps.

TRUFob has been programmed to cancel the beep notification if it is moved within a Friendly Place and not connected to iPhone / iPad.

Why doesn't TRUFob beep when inside a Friendly Place?

TRUFob has been programmed to be silent of beeps notifications if it is moved within a Friendly Place and not connected to iPhone / iPad.

How do I switch my TRUFob™ on and off?

The TRUFob™ can be switched on and off by holding down the power button for a couple of seconds. When you hear the beep and see the green LED blinking, the TRUFob™ is switched on and ready to be paired with your iPhone® or iPad®. Please ensure you have installed the TRUFob™ app before attempting to pair your iPhone® or iPad® with TRUFob™. If you leave the device without pairing, in about 20 seconds the TRUFob will go off.

How durable is the TRUFob™?

The TRUFob™ is made of high quality, durable materials specifically designed to be used on a daily basis.

What is the maximum range TRUFob™ can reach?

TRUFob™ uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology (also referred to as Bluetooth Smart) to reach a range of up to 40 meters. Please note that certain factors such as metal or concrete walls may reduce the device’s range.

Can I use my TRUFob™ with my iPhone® and iPad®?

Yes, but not at the same time.

Can I connect more than one TRUFob™ to my iPhone® or iPad®?

Yes, you can currently use four TRUFob, with free version and up to 10 devices with TRUFob Pro version. Only one of those devices could be non TRUFob brand at free software version and 10 non TRUFob brand at the Pro version.

Do the batteries of the TRUFob™ need to be replaced?

Yes, TRUFob™ comes with a CR2032 3V. coin battery. To replace it just open the back of the device by turning the cap anticlockwise and use a paper clip to take out the battery. A new battery will last between 4-12 weeks, depending on usage.

Is the TRUFob™ alarm easy to switch off?

Yes, simply press any button of the TRUFob™ and it will automatically switch off.


How do I pair my TRUFob?

Please follow the steps shown in this video: TRUFob HD Video

Why won’t the app allow me to change the name of the KeyFob at the edit mode?

The edit mode checks if the device is connected and it makes sure you are in range to change the name.

How does the proximity alarm work?

Using Bluetooth technology, TRUFob™ will connect to your iPhone® or iPad®. Once this connection has been established, your iPhone® or iPad® will be able to track your TRUFob™. If your TRUFob™ moves out of range, an alarm will automatically be triggered.

How does a Friendly Place work?

Friendly Place is a feature that prevents your TRUFob™ from triggering the alarm unnecessarily. Perfect for use at home or in the office.

The TRUFob App creates the Friendly Place using the iPhone / iPad GPS system. When entering the Friendly Place, TRUFob will mute all alarms regardless of the Alarm setting.

TRUFob Friendly Places uses assisted GPS technology, wifi and Geofencing. The Friendly Place feature has been optimized to give a good experience without draining the iPhone / iPad battery.

Note: To improve accuracy of Friendly Places, Wi-Fi shall be enabled in the iOS Settings Wi-Fi menu.

Can TRUFob™ help me find my children if they are out of my sight?

If your TRUFob is connected, you can use the 'Find Tag' feature to help locate your child, by listening to the alarm sound.
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