Travel Utility Key Fob

TRUFob™ is a travel utility key fob that helps you keep track
of your backpack, luggage, iPhone, iPad, keys and even your kids.

Saving time and at the same time
looking after you valuables is just a "click" away.

Attach TRUFob™ to the item of your choice
and you are ready to go !

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Friendly Places


Details & specifications

  • Specification

    Long range - up to 50 metres (Using Bluetooth Smart)

    Loud alarm (90 dB)

    Green & red LED lights

    Coin battery CR2032 3V.

  • Design

    Good looking design

    High quality plastic parts

    Transparent package to check before purchase

    Durable and flexible key hanger

    Speaker outlet with moldered holes

  • Features

    Easy setup and usage of TRUFob™ via app on iPhone and iPad

    7 tag types designed to define your valuables

    Friendly Places at your convenience

  • Carry

    Small compact design

    Only 1,5 inch in diameter with ultra-thin 0,75 inch

    Natural fit in hand and pocket

    Tactile and easy-to-press keys

    Easy attachment to keys or other items